Please read me first!

Boxing: We ONLY ship in 4-pint packs and only ship in multiples of 4. Therefore, we have a 4-pint minimum order. Orders containing 8 pints (or any multiple of 4), will be shipped in separate boxes.

Orders: All pints of ice cream will be shipped every TUESDAY from Baltimore, MD. Shipping orders must be in by Monday at noon. Orders received after Monday at noon, will be shipped the following week. 

Handling: Shipping ice cream is expensive! It must be shipped in an insulated box, with a cooler and enough dry ice to keep it frozen for the entire time of transit. Therefore, we charge a $15 handling charge to cover those costs. We promise it will be worth it! 

Shipping: Your package will arrive within 1-2 days of shipping, based on your destination. 

Unboxing: When you unbox, be careful with the dry ice. Do not touch directly!

Cajou Club: Want to get a monthly delivery of delicious plant-based goodness?  As a member of the Cajou Club, you will earn a discount on a 4-pint pack, which will arrive the first week of each month for the duration of your membership. It will include our seasonal specials and regular flavors. You can select your favorite flavors prior to shipping.